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Guest Posting

Guest Posting – General Tips

One of the primary purposes in hiring guest writers is to obtain a fresh and unique take on the products and services that are being sold. Historically, the best way way of accomplishing this is by working with professionals from outside industries who’ve found unique ways to enhance their businesses and overall value with 3D printing technologies. Whether you’re writing a first post or returning to offer new insights, the four guest post writing tips that follow will help you garner the attention you need, even as you provide value to our platform and our readers.

1. Start With An Engaging Introduction

Many guest writers complete their posts with an eye-catching tagline that briefly described who they are and why their ideas are relevant to the industry. When you introduce yourself at the start of your content, you have the opportunity to tell readers why your content matters and how your expertise is applicable to their circumstances. As such, a quality introduction can be an excellent lead. Your history and experience, and information on why 3D printing is applicable to your niche will establish trust and set you apart as an authority on the subject.

2. Take A Personal, Personable Approach To Connecting With Your Audience

If people want general information, there are countless third-party platforms that they can use to get it. Taking a personal approach to connecting with your audience helps readers to relax, which is key to getting them to convert. More importantly, it allows you to connect with readers in a way that general information sites cannot. Describe your own pain points and then talk about how the technology you’re writing about helped resolve them. When people are battling with pain points of their own, personal and personable content that addresses them fosters a sense of both hope and relief. By using this tactic, you’ll find that more people start engaging with you directly in the comment section, even if only to thank you for the helpful information you’ve shared.

3. Stay Away From Formulaic Content

Product reviews can be helpful in certain instances, but they are currently everywhere. Moreover, many of these reviews look exactly the same. Consumers are becoming increasingly less trusting of formulaic reviews given that most know that these have been written by people who have little to no actual experience with the topic. Writing a formulaic review undermines your industry expertise and causes you to miss an opportunity to offer real insight. The best way to avoid this is by talking about personal experiences, discussing the resolution of real pain points, and providing visual evidence of your results. If you have before and after photos that you’re willing to share, or other images that give people a clear view into how 3D printing has positively impacted your business, make sure to incorporate these into your content.

Adding images won’t just add dimension to your reviews, but it will also break your content up and make it more visually appealing and digestible. Keep in mind that there are bound to be a lot of visual learners accessing your posts. The right visual tools can make it infinitely easier to share complex ideas in a way that everyone can grasp.

4. Steer Clear Of Industry Jargon

While you might be the expert in your niche, it is wrong to assume that everyone reading your work possesses the same level of familiarity or expertise. Avoid using jargon that is specific to your industry or to the world of 3D printing. Instead, assume that most consumers are encountering this technology for the first time. Your goal is to educate people. If you must use jargon or highly industry-specific terms, take the time to quickly break these down. The more that you teach readers throughout your posts, the easier it will be for these individuals to make highly informed purchasing decision.

Choosing your writing style and writing tone is a delicate balance between educating consumers and boring them with elementary information that they don’t really need. To strike that balance, consider linking out to your web pages or to onsite pages that offer general information for those who need it. You can assume that your readers have a basic level of competence, but you shouldn’t assume that their familiarity with industry-specific terms matches your own. When proofreading your final draft, ask someone outside of your niche to give it a second look over. Their outside perspective will help you determine whether you’re guilty of over or under-explaining yourself, and whether additional editing or insight is needed.